About Us

Queenfunky is a brand that strives to celebrate the modern woman. Every Queenfunky piece is created keeping in mind fashion trends that will stay relevant, enabling you to create a timeless wardrobe.

Inspired by the women of today, we aim to create pieces that are feminine and playful with distinct silhouettes, to help you feel like the best version of yourself. Effortless pieces that swiftly transition to suit all seasons and events, our clothes come with no rules attached.

Rooted in culture yet modern in its being, each design at Queenfunky embodies the essence of traditional culture. Maintaining quality and craftsmanship yet being able to deliver worldwide at rates making accessible to many.

When you shop from Queenfunky, you choose to support a brand that’s constantly working on providing better opportunities to people of color. You also choose to support the work of African artisans and help it reach greater heights. You also support a company that doesn’t define norms for women's fashion but celebrates the being of every woman just the way they are.

We are here to uplift our heritage, make a statement and be fabulous. Our clothes are beautiful, colorful, and vibrant which will make you stand out on any occasion.

We are introducing Africa's cultural heritage through clothing and accessories to the world and reintroducing engagement with African print back to the world. Essentially combining traditional African fabrics with western styles and looks to integrate cultures.

Our clothes can be worn formally and for social occasions. We design party wear, work wear, and everyday wear. Some of our clothes can be worn to formal and informal events without the need to change.

Our family collection emphasizes the sense of union, community, family, and friendship.

We at Queenfunky Clothing pride ourselves on bringing value to everyone by providing quality fashionable products at affordable prices and great customer service.